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13 Post-MSW PEL Programs in IL


A Post-MSW PEL program is a non-degree program for master’s level social workers to obtain the course credits and internship experience to secure a professional educator license (PEL) for working as a school social worker in the state of Illinois. Below we provide a list of thirteen universities that offer Post-MSW PEL programs and briefly review typical program details.

Why should I complete a Post-MSW PEL Program?

A professional educator license (PEL) with School Social Work Endorsement is a requirement in the state of Illinois to be able to work in a school as school social worker. Masters level social workers that do not specialize in school social work during their MSW will have to complete additional coursework and a school-based internship to be eligible to apply for their PEL. If this a career you are interested in, then you should look into Post-MSW PEL programs.

What are my options for paying for a Post-MSW PEL program?

Paying for Post-MSW PEL programs is a concern as the average cost of a Post-MSW PEL is between $6,000 and $11,000. I highly recommend you research paid internship opportunities at schools via their job board before deciding on which placements to apply to and that you also look into the Post-MSW School Social Work Scholarship Program

What universities offer Post-MSW PEL programs?

Below is a list of thirteen Post-MSW PEL programs in the state of Illinois. Many of the programs offer virtual classes to make it easier for folks to complete their required coursework. As with MSW programs, they also offer support with securing school internship placements. Make sure to review program requirements and expectations before applying.

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